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Welcome to Room to Roam!

Made for EduJam: Art Saves the World

You play as Iuchitro (yoo-cheet-roh), a wredly who dwells in his ancestral family cave. Beyond the cave he calls home, there are puzzles to solve, characters to meet, objects to collect, lore to uncover, and more. The one and only obstacle: the encroachment. If you do not explore the areas around you, you will find that the way ahead has become blocked. Explore, sing and chirp to clear encroachment early to avoid being overwhelmed, and to allow yourself the opportunity to adventure even further. Along the way, you will meet trills (sprites) who will accompany you, share in your endeavours, and have plans of their own.

  • Interact with creatures to solve puzzles, learn more about the game world, and make changes to things around you.
  • Toggle between songs, wredly chirps, and several creature languages to communicate (and for fun).
  • Relaxing, interesting, and varied gameplay. You can play it as a parkour platformer and seek out obstacles and things to climb. You can seek adventure and do glorious song, puzzle, and physics-based combat, where the environment and your choices matter, not your health bar (there is none). Or you can gather trills and seeds, study your cave paintings, and visit creatures you like.
  • This game will not punish you for enjoying what it has to offer at your own pace. All options, greater depth of gameplay, and technical challenges are there to hop into anytime.
  • Constant updates!

Please do not feel obligated to pay for this game. It is intended to be free and enjoyed.

We hope you'll follow Room to Roam's development, and tell us what you think! Feel free to report bugs, make suggestions, and ask questions!

Updates & Schedule

This game receives daily updates packed with fixes and improvements, and big fancy weekly updates featuring new levels, puzzles, NPCs, assets, lore, and more.

Tell us what you'd like to see in the game, and what bugs you need fixed, and you'll most likely find it listed here soon:

*Currently being worked on: The biggest update yet, including the largest new area and two attached smaller areas, multiple characters to meet, puzzles to solve, objects to interact with, new creature languages and icons, new game mechanics and systems, bug fixes, animations,  and more! Next update due by 12 AM UCT-7, May 30th. We want to do this right, so we've extended the development period a couple times on this big update, while continuing to release smaller updates. 

We hope everyone will enjoy the new level when it's ready, and as we continue to add to it!

*More content, improved physics, additional game mechanics, an online song forum, and much more are already being tested for implementation. Everything from multiplayer gameplay to swinging from trees by your tail to sailing on an ice floe with a creature named Lidjil (the ice floe's name is Tewsil the Far-Faring). We are interested in improving Mac compatibility, as well as bringing the game to Android and consoles.

Contact Hazy Paw Games Inc. with any questions, ideas, or for troubleshooting assistance. Thanks for playing!

Check out some early gameplay videos for Room to Roam:

Check out our Raring to Roam playlist for more videos:


Installation Guidelines

  • Intended for Windows OS, but can run on Mac and Linux with Wine and XQuartz.
  • If Windows Defender or similar programs pop up with a window, simply click More Info (or equivalent button) and grant permission. Don't worry, we're nice.
  • Extract All when installing.
  • Check your Firewalls and .exe permissions.
  • Run RtR.exe to play.
  • Works best at 1600x1024 Resolution.
  • To move your save to another computer, copy Profile.nik, which can be found under HazyPawGames/RoomtoRoam in your User folder (on Windows), or in the installation directory.

Discuss the game on Facebook, here on Itch, and join the Hazy Paw Discord for constant devlog details:









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